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Team Building y Actividades para Empresas



Golf Can Drago has the infrastructure to host your team building event with activities directly related to golf that allows group members to meet outside of work, in order to be defined as a team

In the space available activities can be  organized activities to determine a mission, understand common goal and learn more about each of the members.
Activities and Team Building events  that can be arranged, allows  effectively work as a team and success.

The first step is to define the type of group in which they belong. in which all members must be clear about the goals, what roles does each have, who should work with whom and what strategy to follow

Catering services can be set up or you can enjoy the varied selection of Bars and Restaurants that are on offer just 25 meters away from our facilities

The great advantage of organizing team building activities at Golf Can Drago if you are in Barcelona for a conference or trade fair with a relatively short distance as we are situated in the city of Barcelona.

And our location is just steps from the entrance / exit of Barcelona allows rapid travel from areas of business location, which facilitates and speeds up the events organized by your company